South Park San Diego at Juniper and Fern

Care About South Park is a group of South Park residents, homeowners, and business owners who are dedicated to preserving the quality of life in our unique, historic village.

Who We Are

Care About South Park launched in November 2014 after the announcement that the Gala property at the core intersection of Fern and Grape Streets was slated for a TargetExpress. There is also a plan to construct a 5,000 sq ft building on the same lot which is marketed to large banks and fast food chains.

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Why We're Concerned

By occupying the largest building in the heart of South Park, Target would define our neighborhood, permanently altering its unique and charming personality. Chains like Target attract more chains. This drives up rents and pushes independent stores out. Large chains also weaken the local economy, siphoning most of the dollars spent at their stores out of the community. There are plenty of Targets, but there's only one South Park.

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How You Can Help

Pledge to Boycott TargetExpress in South Park.
Let Target know that you won't shop at a TargetExpress in South Park. Click here to sign the pledge to boycott the proposed store location.

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