Our priorities

Care About South Park wants to ensure that new development does not come at the expense of losing the characteristics that make our neighborhood unique. We believe that that all future land use projects (private or public) must adhere to existing local land use laws and that new or revised laws must set standards for:

  • Preserving existing historic structures
  • Aesthetic guidelines for commercial and multi-unit residential construction
  • Walkability
  • Density
  • Traffic Flow
  • Noise Levels
  • Formula Retail Use (chain stores)

We are especially focused on supporting and protecting the kind of locally-owned and -operated businesses that invested in the South Park neighborhood early on and helped make our community a desirable place to live and work that is family-oriented and pedestrian-friendly.

Our concerns

If South Park's increasing popularity attracts the interest of national corporate chains and franchises that specialize in low-cost, high-volume sales and low-wage jobs, our community will lose the unique charm that has made it popular. Proliferation of corporate chains will:

  • Threaten locally-owned independent businesses by driving commercial rents up and diverting money from the local economy
    • A study from the research firm Civic Economics found that "local retailers return an average of 52 percent of their revenue to the local economy, compared with just 14 percent for the chain retailers. Similarly, the local restaurants re-circulate an average of 79 percent of their revenue locally, compared to 30 percent for the chain eateries."
  • Degrade the quality of life in South Park by creating car-oriented destinations that will create even greater traffic along already congested streets
  • Create a precedent and an incentive for more large chains to move in. There are already development plans for an additional 5,000-square-foot "shops building" in the Gala property parking lot that are being advertised for lease

Our goals

The Gala site is the largest, most visible private property in our neighborhood. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure that this flagship property is re-used in a manner which is compatible with the unique character of South Park. We want:

Full transparency and accountability from Target

  • Building renovation plan presented to the community before it is submitted to the city
  • Research data Target has collected on the immediate area and daily transactions counts Target is projecting for the store to provide a full picture of the potential traffic and neighborhood impact

Full transparency from City Hall

  • A meeting with Council President Todd Gloria, who represents our Council District 3
  • Assurances that a discretionary review will be conducted if anything about the proposed site renovation qualifies the project for such a review
  • A specific plan for holding the Development Services Department and/or the Target Corporation accountable for any violations of the Greater Golden Hill Planned District Ordinance, the Greater Golden Hill Community Plan, the General Plan, and any other applicable laws, regulations, and permits