Email Target

Tell Target they are not the right fit for South Park! Please email Scott Nelson, Target's Senior Vice President of Property Development, at and cc, Target's CEO. Tell Scott you strongly oppose a TargetExpress in your neighborhood, you will not support it, and ask that Target refrain from leasing the property at 3030 Grape Street.

Pledge to Boycott Target

Let Target know that you will not shop at a TargetExpress in South Park.

Sign the Pledge

Put Up a Yard Sign

Show your support by putting up a "Not in South Park" sign in your yard. If you live in or near South Park, fill out the request and we will deliver the sign to your yard.

Request a Yard Sign

Email Todd Gloria

Email Disctrict 3 Councilmemeber, Todd Gloria, at or call his office at (619) 236-6633 to let him know that TargetExpress is not a right fit for the character or needs of the South Park community and that you do not support it.


Fighting a large corporation takes money. Other groups that have successfully stopped large chains from opening in their community recommend raising at least $15,000 to start. This would cover costs for a land use attorney, other experts, printing, website, and yard signs. It is expected that Target will outspend us by ten to twenty-fold. We suggest a $20 donation, but gladly accept and appreciate all donations, no matter how big or small.